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Pilot launched to provide processing and marketing services to millet farmers

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Workshop Training

Millets Processing

Workshop Training

Magasool organized a certified training program for 20 young farmers and agri entrepreneurs between March 14 and March 17, 2013. The training covered Modified SRI techniques, Organic farming practices, and Soil science. Participants were from different backgrounds like small farmers, young entrepreneurs interested in serving farmers, IT professional switching into agriculture and an NGO interested in improving livelihood of small farmers. Magasool plans to make this training course available to young farmers once a year.

Modified SRI Technique

Trainees were first trained on SRI techniques through a theoretical session and then were given hands on training on preparation of nursery and transplantation. Trainees spent entire day learning about nursery techniques, putting up nursery, cutting the nursery, operating the transplanter machine etc.

Soil Science

Mr Ramasubramanian from National Agro Foundation trained the trainees on different nutrients required by the plants through an interactive session explaining plant nutrients, role of each nutrient in plant growth, importance of organic matter, pH and steps to make soil more fertile.

Organic Farming Practices

Trainees were trained on organic farming practices by Ms Revati, a renowned organic farmer from Pollachi. Farmers were trained on the importance of the biological processes in the soil, importance of microbial population. Hands on training on preparation of organic manure and pest resistant were also given to the trainees.

NABARD Schemes and Certificate Distribution

On March 17, Mr Suresh Kumar, DGM of NABARD gave a detailed session on the NABARD schemes for farmers and young entrepreneurs in agriculture. Followed by this, Mr Suresh Kumar distributed the course certificate for all the trainees.