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TASMAC - A Research Report

Magasool wins 1st prize at IIM Calcutta contest - http://ecelliimc.com/events/i2i/

Pilot launched to provide processing and marketing services to millet farmers

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Magasool is an organization that strives for betterment of small and marginal farmers by making agriculture viable. Most part of our work involves working in the field with farmers.


We take interns every summer to work on:

  1. Action research programs of Magasool
  2. Research and analysis on specific agriculture policies and schemes of the government to bring us better understanding.
  3. Documentation of Magasool’s work

People who are interested in interning must be willing to travel to the field at least half the time. Interns must be willing to spend at least 1 month with the organization. If you are interested, you may send in your CV and cover letter to us by email.


Volunteers who are interested in volunteering with Magasool’s work can help us with creating awareness on agriculture issues, fundraising and photo / video documentation. If you are interested, please drop us an email and we will get back to you.

Fulltime Opportunity

If you share a similar passion of working for improving the lives of small and marginal farmers and making agriculture viable, you can send in your CV and cover letter to us. Fulltime opportunities are limited and we will get back to you if there are any opportunities.

Contact E mail: emailmagasool@gmail.com