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Support for improving farmer's yield through promoting Modified SRI

Modified SRI taken through paddy transplanter have been resulting in an improved yield of 10 to 20 % per acre and an increased income of Rs 2500 to Rs 5000 per acre per farmer per season. So far we have taken it to 130 acres and 50 farmers. With great demand for the program from farmers, we are expanding the program to 6 districts and 30 villages reaching out to 300 farmers and 800 acres in the current year. Help us take the program to more farmers and villages.

Sl No. Support for Annual / One time
Contribution (Rs)
Monthly Contribution (Rs)
1 M-SRI in 1 village covering 10 farmers for 3 years Rs 24000 Rs 2000
2 M-SRI in 2 villages covering 20 farmers for 3 years Rs 48000 Rs 4000
3 M-SRI in 5 villages covering 50 farmers for 3 years Rs 120000 Rs 10000
4 M-SRI in 10 villages covering 100 farmers for 3 years Rs 240000 Rs 20000


Support for producing organic manure to improve soil fertility

Soil organic matter is key to soil fertility and improving yield in the long run. Most farmers in the villages do not have cows and hence organic manure has become scarce. Magasool establishes Vermicomposting units that produces high quality ready to use organic manure for farmers. Our unit in Kanchipuram is producing 5000 Kg of Vermicompost per month and is catering to 100 farmers in the area. Help us establish more such units in other districts.

Sl No. Support for Annual / One time
Contribution (Rs)
Monthly Contribution (Rs)
1 Organic manure for 12 farmers and 25 acres for 3 years Rs 6000 Rs 500
2 Organic manure for 25 farmers and 50 acres Rs 12000 Rs 1000
3 Organic manure for 50 farmers and 100 acres Rs 24000 Rs 2000
4 Organic manure for 100 farmers and 200 acres Rs 48000 Rs 4000


Support for our research and experiments to design new programs

Research and Experiments leads us to newer interventions that has the potential for improving farmer’s livelihood. Help us with our experiments such as direct paddy seeder, sub soiler in vegetables, interventions for saline land and pH adjustments.

Sl No. Support for Annual / One time
Contribution (Rs)
Monthly Contribution (Rs)
1 Support for R & D Rs 12000 Rs 1000

You may also support us with a lesser amount for the above components.


Donate Now

1. Pay by Cheque
Please make the cheque payable to ‘MAGASOOL TRUST’ and send it to the following address along with a note on the component you want to support for and your communication address. If you are an Indian citizen living outside India, please send us your passport copy as well.

C/O Ajay Tannirkulam
43/18, Kutty Street,
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
Ph: +91-9445392454

2. Online Transfer
You can also send in your donations through online transfer to the following bank account and send us an email to emailmagasool@gmail.com with details of the amount transferred, your name, communication address and the component you wish to support. If you are an Indian citizen living outside India, please send us a scanned copy of your passport copy as well.

Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
Branch: DAV School Gopalalpuram, Avvai Shanmugam Salai, Chennai - 600086
Account Number: 6180000100004918
MICR: 600024049
IFSC: PUNB0618000

Indian citizens residing anywhere in the world can donate. Donations from India are eligible for Income-Tax exemption under section 80G. If you are an Indian citizen residing outside India, please send a scanned copy of passport to emailmagasool@gmail.com as it is needed for statutory purposes.

Unfortunately, Magasool cannot accept donations from non-Indians residing outside of India for statutory reasons.